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Welcome to Plug-in Magazine

This site covers a lot more than plug-ins, so let’s get that out of the way first. The site is basically a news aggregator of pro video, motion graphics, 3D and everything in between. The site is meant to give artists a quick way to see what’s going on in the world of pro video without having to spend hours with Twitter, an RSS feed or however you may ingest your media. You have too much to do, am I right?

If you have suggestions for news feeds we can add to the site, please email Michele Yamazaki at Toolfarm.

Toolfarm News

  • Freebie: Artmesh Mesh Generation Software
    Meshing is performed in a fully automated mode. At the first stage of meshing triangular mesh with predefined elements size is generated. Then triangular mesh is transformed into quad-dominant mesh. Smoothing and topological optimization are used at…
    - 3 days ago, 31 Jul 15, 3:43pm -
  • Free Webinars! Calendar updated. #vfx
    Updated July 31, 2015All webinars listed are free of charge. If you have a webinar that you would like to have listed on our schedule, please email Michele Yamazaki with information.   Friday July 31, 2015Waves AudioEverything Aud…
    - 3 days ago, 31 Jul 15, 11:08am -
  • News: Digieffects is Windows 10 ready
    If you are running the current version of any Digieffects product then you should already be up to date.Click Here to see all Digieffects products[via]
    - 3 days ago, 31 Jul 15, 9:53am -
  • New: Modio Easy Arrows & Modio Speed Lines for After Effects
    Easy Arrows Script for After EffectsWith the Easy Arrows script, you can attach an arrows, graphics and pre-comps to the ends of a Shape Layer path with the click of a button! The arrow(s) will auto-orient along your stroke and change size to mat…
    - 4 days ago, 30 Jul 15, 2:54pm -
  • News: NPOWER Software Updates
    Power NURBS / Solids / Translators / all plug-ins 12.00 - July 27, 2015Removed many of the messages we would spawn when detecting import issues, per request from users.Huge translator overhaul. Synched with our popular Modo Cad Loaders plu…
    - 4 days ago, 30 Jul 15, 12:41pm -
  • New: Next Limit RealFlow 2015 is Here!
    JULY 30, 2015 (Madrid, Spain) – Next Limit Technologies announces the official launch of RealFlow 2015, an out-of-the-box fluid and dynamics simulation software for 3D visual effects. This ninth edition includes all new features and updates, allowi…
    - 4 days ago, 30 Jul 15, 11:35am -
  • News: Fracture FX for Maya 2016 Now Available
    Click Here for More Release NotesImportant Note on Fracture FX for Maya 2016Fracture FX in Maya 2016 crashes when I turn on "parallel rig evaluation." Autodesk, in their infinite wisdom, implemented a new feature in Maya 2016 ("parallel rig e…
    - 4 days ago, 30 Jul 15, 10:12am -
  • Sale: iZotope Ozone 6 On SALE- Last Chance to Save!
    Save BIG on Ozone 6 - Now through July 30th!Creative Mastering Platform!Elevate a good-sounding mix to a professional-sounding master with Ozone. iZotope’s critically acclaimed mastering software has all the tools you need to produce a polis…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 3:32pm -
  • New: PQ FUI Toys is now Available
    Special Introductory Pricing - 30% OFF Flux capacitor, anyone?  These pre-animated, sometimes looping, customizable FUI assets, are editable After Effects comps.  Just drag and drop to quickly create and customize FUI layouts t…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 3:23pm -
  • Burning Question: How do I Make Grass in CINEMA 4D?
    Make Grass in CINEMA 4D using HairChris Schmidt's great tutorial that I learned from for a recent episode of Michele Learns C4D, Ep. 5: Sand Dunes. In this tutorial, Chris shows you how to make realistic looking grass using CINEMA 4D Hair. Read t…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 2:54pm -
  • News: MODO 901 SP1 Details
    This is quite the extensive list but it is packed with loads of useful information!Advanced viewport: Adds an option for overriding primitive visibility.Advanced viewport: Disables the Advanced viewport for AMD/ATI FirePro V Series cards.…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 2:17pm -
  • Sale: Maxwell Render Summer Price Drop (ENDS SOON)
    Yep, the above dollar bill image is a render!Maxwell Render is a standalone render engine for making perfect images, films and animations from 3D models. It is the complete solution for anyone who demands immaculate results on a deadline. Include…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 1:29pm -
  • Midweek Motivations: Andrew Kramer Talks Directing and VFX
    Click Here for More Info[via]
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 12:46pm -
  • News: SIGGRAPH 2015 – What Not to Miss
    DigiProWe've been champions of DigiPro, a symposium held the day before SIGGRAPH begins (on the Saturday, Aug 8th) and always with unique and interesting talks from industry professionals. Check out our latest fxpodcast for a teaser of one of…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 12:39pm -
  • News: Trapcode Soundkeys now Compatible with CC 2015
    The great news is that Adobe has updated After Effects CC2015 with a fix that allows Sound Keys to work properly. All Red Giant products are now compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015.HOW TO UPDATE:The latest version of Trapcode Sound Keys…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 12:15pm -
  • Coming Soon: Allegorithmic Substance SHARE
     Get involved in the community.After noticing the huge amount of content that was being shared by the Substance community, Allegorithmic created SHARE to allow it's users to get even more involved with the community and create a fun, social e…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 12:01pm -
  • Sale: The Foundry MARI Flash Sale
    Save 30% on new seats of The Foundry MARI 2.6 for 48 hours only.Great summer savings on the industry’s best 3D painting tool!  The sale is on now and ends tomorrow, July 30 at 7 AM (PDT) 2015. Don’t miss out!reg. $2013 SALE: $1409.10…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 11:40am -
  • Update: Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5.2 is Available
    HDR Light Studio provides a fast and precise way to light a 3D model. The lighting design is saved as a high dynamic range, high resolution image that can be used in any renderer.What's New in v. 5.2?Sun Softness Control - Sun edge softne…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 11:16am -
  • News: Red Giant is Now Ready for Windows 10!
    HOW TO UPDATEYou may already have a Windows 10-compatible version of your Red Giant products installed. The best way to ensure that your Red Giant products will work in Windows 10 is to run Red Giant Link and to see if any of your products have a…
    - 5 days ago, 29 Jul 15, 10:54am -
  • News: After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1) bug-fix update available
    Bug fixes in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1)The After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1) bug-fix update addresses these significant bugs and usability problems:Fixed a problem that caused After Effects to not respond to commands to stop previews or to…
    - 6 days ago, 28 Jul 15, 2:49pm -
  • New: Laubwerk Plants Kit 6 for Cinema 4D & 3ds Max is out now!
    Temperate Deciduous Trees10 new Laubwerk Plants species and cultivars suggested by usersPlants Kit 6 is a selection of both popular and distinct temperate deciduous tree species planted in parks, gardens, or streets including excellent specim…
    - 6 days ago, 28 Jul 15, 1:28pm -
  • News: Maxon releases Hotfix for Stability Issues with Nvidia Graphics Cards
    MAXON is aware of some stability issues with several versions of NVIDIA and AMD drivers which can cause crashes of Cinema 4D.Unfortunately MAXON cannot fix these issues, simply because they occur inside the graphics cards drivers. But we are tryi…
    - 6 days ago, 28 Jul 15, 12:19pm -
  • News: Chaos Group V-Ray 3.1 for Maya now available
    New Features:Maya 2016 supportSupport for new Hypershade Node Editor, Material Viewer, and Lookdev viewEnhanced Bifrost support – including rendering liquids as isosurfaces without meshingNew – VR camerasSupport for 6x1…
    - 6 days ago, 28 Jul 15, 10:15am -
  • News: New Mexico Film Foundation Announces Statewide Media Project
    SANTA FE –The New Mexico Film Foundation, in partnership with the New Mexico Post Alliance, and the New Mexico Tourism Department, will seek submissions from the New Mexico public to complete a media project entitled “Life in New Mexico”, begin…
    - 7 days ago, 27 Jul 15, 6:32pm -
  • News: Maxwell Render v3.2 Sneak Peek!
    V3 customers will receive the update for free but V1 and V2 customers still need to upgrade to benefit from these updates as well as the time-saving features released in V3 and V3.1.Key Features:Optimized demo scenes for easy learningNe…
    - 7 days ago, 27 Jul 15, 2:06pm -
  • Beta: Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 12 Public Beta
    DaVinci Resolve 12 is the world’s most popular and advanced on set, editing, color correction and finishing tool for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.DAVINCI RESOLVE 12 BETA The free DaVinci Resolve 12 is a full professional editing and color g…
    - 7 days ago, 27 Jul 15, 1:15pm -
  • Sale: Zaxwerks Summer Sale
    Save BIG on 3D Invigorator PRO and ProAnimator!  Upgrades, Sidegrades and Bundles Too!3D Invigorator PROreg. $275 SALE: $200Upgrade: $99 (includes both the Invig PRO upgrade and The Werks)Sidegrades: $125ProAnimator AE or Standal…
    - 7 days ago, 27 Jul 15, 10:29am -
  • News: E-on Software Ships Carbon Scatter 2015.5!
    July 21, 2015. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software, maker of the leading solutions for Digital Nature, announced today the immediate availability of Carbon Scatter 2015.5, the company's latest major update of its advanced instancing plugins for 3ds Max,…
    - 7 days ago, 27 Jul 15, 10:01am -
  • Overview/Review: Luca Visual FX Spectrum
    Spectrum works with FCPX, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Motion within the FxFactory engine. Download Noise Industries FxFactory (free) to try Spectrum for yourself. It's Mac only.Learn More | Purchase Lucas Visual FX Spectrum[via…
    - 10 days ago, 24 Jul 15, 6:29pm -
  • Info and Compatibility: Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro CC 2015
    Updated: 07/22/15 10:05 AM PST: Added Boris RED and Media 100Table of contentsAfter Effects CC 2015WARNING: Keep After Effects CC 2014 (13.2) installedPreviews in AE CC 2015Creative Cloud Libraries…
    - 12 days ago, 22 Jul 15, 5:05pm -

Toolfarm Inspirations

AE Freemart

  • Assistant Editor Song (NSFW lyrics)
    Mark Adams has created this clever song about what it means to be an assistant editor. You can buy the track for $1. Here are the lyrics: My employer asked me to write a song about my experience as an assistant editor on their documentary. And so I…
    - 34 days ago, 30 Jun 15, 3:46pm -
  • Sale: Boris FX & Imagineer – 3 Day Sale Ends Friday
    Exclusive Summer Sale: 3 Days of Savings on VFX tools from Boris FX & Imagineer Systems Wednesday, June 24 – Midnight, Friday, June 26th.  Take 40% off select Boris Continuum Complete and mocha Pro purchases. Limit 1 license purchase per customer.…
    - 40 days ago, 24 Jun 15, 4:23pm -
  • Michele Learns CINEMA 4D, Ep. 4 – Working with Illustrator Files
    In this episode, Michele from Toolfarm talks about getting back into CINEMA 4D and extruding a logo from Illustrator. Buy Maxon CINEMA 4D Try Maxon CINEMA 4D Greyscalegorilla products Telestream Screenflow Transcript from video: Hi, this is Michele f…
    - 72 days ago, 23 May 15, 1:50am -
  • Free After Effects color correction tool: QHQ Channel Splitter
    Quba HQ is giving away a Free After Effects color correction tool: QHQ Channel Splitter. It comes with a tutorial, presets, and actions! Quba Michalski explains, “Color grading using Curves, Levels and other RGB tools always felt quite counter-intu…
    - 20 Mar 15, 5:26am -
  • The Mega List Adobe After Effects Tutorials for Beginners
    Are you a beginner to After Effects and need tutorials to learn about compositions, timeline, layers, masking, keyframes, etc. Oh, there are many places to learn! Here is a list in no particular order, and it might not look that long, however, each…
    - 19 Mar 15, 3:23pm -
  • Free Midpoint After Effects Preset
    Mikey Borup has a freebie that allows you to find the midpoint between two layers. Download the preset from CinemaSpice (name your price – suggested donation is $1.) Don’t have After Effects? Get Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses at…
    - 4 Mar 15, 8:27pm -
  • Photoshop CC Essential Training Free at through 2-2-2015!
    You  have until Groundhog’s Day to get some free Photoshop CC training by Julianne Kost at Learning how to use Adobe Photoshop efficiently and effectively is the best way to get the most out of your pixels and create stunning imagery. M…
    - 26 Jan 15, 3:57pm -
  • Pond5 Launches the Public Domain Project With 80,000 Free Media Clips
    (New York, NY–January 20, 2015) Pond5, the world’s leading online marketplace for royalty-free video footage, announced today the launch of the Pond5 Public Domain Project, the first library of free public domain content designed specifically for…
    - 21 Jan 15, 4:56pm -
  • Red Giant Trapcode 40% Off thru Dec 10, 2014, 8AM PST
    I don’t like to be to salesy on the AE Freemart, but this is a great sale and it’s short! The Red Giant Trapcode 40% Off thru Dec 10, 2014, 8AM PST and it’s a blowout! 40% off full licenses, upgrades and academic store products. No fine print,…
    - 9 Dec 14, 10:00pm -
  • New Video Copilot Element 3D v2, Pro Shaders v2, Upgrades
    This may be old news to most of you but the long anticipated Video Copilot Element 3D is now available! New Video Copilot Element 3D v2, 3D Object Based Particle Engine for After Effects, plus BackLight, Pro Shaders 2 and Upgrades Element 3D v2 – E…
    - 4 Dec 14, 7:22pm -